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      Terms & Conditions

  1. By accessing our website the user should abide by all the terms and conditions of Aesthetic Digital.


  1. If you disagree with our terms and conditions you will be forbidden to use or access our website.
  1. Aesthetic Digital prepares the students well and makes them ready for the interviews by assisting them but we do not assure you in getting placed as getting a placement in a job not only depends upon the institute preparation but also depends upon on the student’s performance in interview.
  1. The content on our website or our materials should not be plagiarised as Aesthetic Digital has prepared content and materials on its own and will take legal actions if it’s plagiarised on any server or website.
  1. The materials provided by Aesthetic Digital should not be shared by students to others if it comes to our notice we have the right to cancel the access to the student at any point of time as it comes under part of violation.
  1. Aesthetic Digital may perform changes to the materials on its website anytime without any notice.
  1. Aesthetic Digital has not inspected the sites linked to our website and the usage of other linked sites through our website is at owner’s risk.
  1. Aesthetic Digital is not responsible for the loss of any things or personal assets of the students in the institute and its premises. Hence all their personal assets and things should be kept at student’s risk.
  1. Aesthetic Digital has every right to revise its terms and conditions at any time without any notice.
  1. All the terms and conditions were formulated by considering the laws of Telangana State jurisdiction of the courts.