Most Influential Trends in SEO for 2020

21 DEC 2020   Admin

Most Influential trends in SEO for 2018

You can’t deny the power of SEO.

We see the most significant and noticeable changes in the SEO trends that changing constantly, yet marketers are hauling every trick in the strategies to stay on top of search and grabbing the attention.

It is crucial to keep in mind that optimizing your SEO strategy should be a top priority to spread your brand and get more customers.

How can you start driving dramatic quantities of traffic to your website in meantime?

Presenting you the most influential trends in Search Engine Optimization for 2018.

Voice Recognition – Get ready with the New Revolution:

1 in 5 queries on Mobile devices using voice search and it has become the fastest selling consumer technology now. Virtual assistance devices continue to grow in popularity as users are getting even more used to interact with search results with their voices rather than typing it out in a search bar.

ComScore an American market data analytics company thorough its studies predicts that by the year 2020, nearly 50 percent of searches by users will be voice based search. There is no surprise that this could reshape the way Business think about search engine results page as we can notice the change in the type of queries.

If you wonder how you have to be ready for these new progressive developments check out the techniques that can make you more visible to Voice queries.


Featured Snippets – A Quick Answer Box:

In the Past getting the Number one position in the search result is the ultimate goal for every ambitious marketer. But Google has reset the starting point and now Position ZERO known as the featured snippet is one with the authority. Super thing is that any website can earn a featured snippet, which has the potential to get Greater visibility in the SERPs; for your website.

“Google wants to keep you within Google” that’s the key thing here.

Backlinks – Building Blocks of Page Rank:

Did you know that websites communicate with each other? They communicate in the form of Backlinks.

There’s no doubt that links are really unique and serve a critical function in search engine optimization.

No Authority = No Ranking

So acquiring high authority links is going to boost your authority and as you gain authority you gain interaction in search results.

Recent data evaluates that the link popularity of a specific page accounts for 22.33% of the components of Google’s ranking algorithm.

Mobile First Indexing – Make Sure your Website is Responsive:

The mobile index will act as a Google’s primary index and Google will crawl from a desktop view as a secondary option to mobile view.

The best practice is to make a responsive website, and there’s no excuse to avoid doing that in the upcoming months. if your website is not responsive or features that a mobile site does not serve your rankings in Google may suffer.

Even with a completely responsive site, you have to ensure that mobile

page speed and load time are prioritized, images and large page elements are optimized perfectly for the mobile experience

Page Speed – If your Page is Slow your Site Traffic will Get Low:

For every second your website takes longer to load you are going to lose more revenue

because potential linkers may choose to visit and link to other resources because accessing your site becomes a problem.

Clearly, a fast site helps you rank high, drives traffic and improves your user’s overall experience.

But how exactly do u speed it up? it’s actually not as complex as you might think.

Your problem could be anything from code which is written poorly for images or to large page elements you need to diagnose and stack up your website speed, you can take Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Content Management – Yes Content is Still King:

Test your textual content continuously, and ensure that they are unique and offer the user added value.

Create the content that your readers will always want. When you create evergreen content like tutorials, lists, reviews, testimonials, feedback abundantly helps a lot in fetching potential clients to your website.

Storytelling is a fantastic component to give your brand a unique twist. In fact, becoming better storytellers is a top priority for 41% content marketers.

Distribute relevant and authentic information related to your website. Conversion-worthy content should be at the forefront of your brand’s strategy.

Online video – Get More Eyeballs on your Video Content

A study by Cisco says online video will make up 80% of all online traffic by 2021.

This is because most people will find video content more interesting than standard text content.

It is very clear that video is a powerful way to grow your business so consistently create quality videos that provide loads of value.

Today’s YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook Live, it’s no more a secret that video has become vital in our everyday lives.

Publish longer videos as they accumulate more total watch time which really can provide a huge boost to rank better.  It is also said that Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement.