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18 JAN 2019   Alex

Top 10 Tools to Help You Manage Your Content Marketing

In this fast-paced Digital World, Content Marketing is the premise of providing valuable content for your audiences for building a great relationship and creating hardcore fans that require investment and takes energy and time to manage. All the Social Communication platforms and the marketing tools, the content needs to be consistently optimized.

Content is an asset for a website or a blog. An effective content helps in driving the traffic to your website and makes your audiences engage with your website or blogs. An effective content increases the sales, saves the cost, and creates great loyalty in customers towards your product or service. Content is a key to Social Media Marketing, Inbounding Marketing, PPC Ads and other elements associated with Digital Marketing. Quality content interprets concise information about a product or service to its customers.

Creation and managing of content go hand in hand. For creation and optimizing of content, you need to be creative, innovative and need to have an empowered mind with essential knowledge of using the new technologies wisely and art of applying the new ideologies. For effective content, you need to have a  Content Marketing Strategy which involves planning, execution, and analysis. Content can be either in written or in infographic or AV(Audio Visual) format.

The process of creation and management of content involves some of the tools which a content creator should be aware, in order to be successful in his career. You don’t need an immense Content Marketing team to achieve success in content writing, even a small team can fetch staggering results. There are loads of free tools available for making the Content Marketing process bit easier, I would like to bring forward my all time favorite top 10 tools which you need to look in, that help enhance your career as a successful Content Marketer.


Here is the list of powerful Content Marketing tools you are looking for!

1)  HubSpot

Hubspot is one of the world’s leading standardized online one-stop shop for inbound marketing decks. It has fabulous support of customers all over the world. Hubspot provides stacks of tools for constructing, optimizing and monitoring the blog posts subsidized by the content management team.

Hubspot is one of the most traffic driven website through its blogs, it also has Social Media analytical and scheduling message abilities. Content will be widely published on social channels after creating effective content. Hubspot also offers other helpful Content marketing tools.


2) Buffer

The Buffer is one of the finest tools which is easy to access by the users. It saves time and helps you to post your content on your different social media channels. It brings all the social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ etc. together where one can share their posts on all social media channels.

Through Buffer it’s easier and faster to post and share the content. We can avoid logging into multiple social media accounts. A link, an image or a video can be added to Buffer by selecting an appropriate social media channel which should be posted into. Performance of a post on different social media platforms can also be tracked.


3) ClearVoice

ClearVoice is software which suits as one of the best  Content Marketing tools, where one can create content with ease by its nature of being an easy-to-use tool for content marketing.

ClearVoice is like a playing yard for the content writers. It’s a place which assembles and collaborates Content Writers with Branding and Publishing departments.

Are you passionate about freelancing? then ClearVoice should be your premier choice to join, where Clearvoice connects you to its market area and helps to enhance your freelancing career by building up trustworthy freelance relationships. It’s the place where you can set commercial quotes for your content and if it is worthful you will get paid up front.


4) Cyfe

Cyfe is the All-In-One Business Dashboard tool that handles each and every aspect related to content marketing. Cyfe is the tool where the content can be created, edited, organized and marketed. It provides a feature where you can manage and monitor the performance of a team by using dashboards. It also provides other services like Social Media, Web Analytics, Marketing and more.


5) Outbrain

“Are you struggling with distributing and publishing of your content?”, then Outbrain is the best option for you. Through its massive driven traffic reach, it helps one’s content to reach wide on social media platforms. It is a platform where one can post his content in written or in  Audio Video(AV) formats.

As Outbrain is a paid tool, it fetches highly relevant and huge audiences for the content. It is a platform on which your content gets recognition on top publishing websites.


6) BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is the most powerful tool for content marketing which helps in ideating content. This tool helps content to fetch serious results. It provides the best topic by fetching the best key terms that are crucial in generating the title for your content. One of the other best services provided by this tool is that it finds an appropriate influencer for the content.

In the contemporary digital world, BuzzSumo is a precious tool for managing content marketing.


7) Klout

Do you want to create and share quality content on social media with great effect? Klout is one of the better options to choose from. One of the best services provided by this tool is that it gives top class suggestions for content where the competitor has failed to cover.

Klout also provides an exceptional service like tracking the impact of content strategy. Klout is that tool which really does boost up your content marketing campaign.


8) Grammarly

Grammarly is a tool that is used widely by both content marketing newbies and professionals. Without quality in the content, one should never expect high acceptance of the users. Grammarly is the destination where one can make his content more effective and error-free that too before posting.

This is the tool that identifies writing and punctuation mistakes guiding one to fix all the identified problems. It also provides Plagiarism checking service to avoid plagiarism in the content. Grammarly is an assistance tool in content writing.


9) Google Analytics

“Want to track the performance of your content marketing campaign?”, then with no hesitation, go for Google Analytics. It is one of the popular and most power-packed free tool offered by Google for free to its users. It’s the tool where one can track and analyze one’s performance of a content marketing campaign.

Google Analytics provides a more specific, accurate and brief analytics data. Through this tool, one can get information like a number of user visits to content, types of medium used to reach content, some of demographic’s like region, Country, and other related information in a concise way.



A universal and proven fact is that visual content(like infographics, posters….) drives more traffic than a written content format. Visual content induces more backlinks than other content formats. If your content falls under visual format, then could be your preferred choice which is easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert in designing or no need to hire a designer.

With the availability of millions of templates for its users, one can choose and create the best template of one’s choice. The best thing about this tool is that it provides a free service to its users.



I conclude that the success in Content Marketing not only depends upon the tools I had listed in my article, but there are other technical and creative factors that need to be considered. I have picked up a handful of important tools that set a path for intensifying success in your Content Marketing Career.

I am open to receive your suggestions regarding other Content Marketing tools which I may have left that you find it to be more useful. Your feedback will be valued.