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UI/UX Certification Course Training With 100% Placement Assurance

UI/UX Training

UI/UX Training

Aesthetic Digital is one of the leading training institutes in Hyderabad which offers advanced UI/UX course. Our training will be not only based code oriented but also Creative and design-centric. We provide an advanced UI/UX training with a course and internship certification. Our course module is prepared by all-time industry experts. With their experienced knowledge and the module is prepared from deep down the level which is easily understood by each and every individual.

The course is designed with an internship program which helps the students to gain hands-on experience by working on live projects of our clients. Though UI/UX is a fast-growing and widely accepted technology, Our integrated training helps you to gain exposure and become a consolidated professional in designing and developing effective and user-friendly websites and Web Applications.

Who can adopt UI/UX as their Career?

Any graduate freshers (MBA, MCA,, B.Com, BA, BBA, BCA etc.), any experienced professionals in any discipline who wants to boost up their career , any working professionals who want a change in their Career and any businesses entrepreneurs i.e., everyone in any discipline can choose UI/UX as their career.

Advanced UI/UX Certificate Course (AUICC) Training:

Aesthetic Digital offers Advanced UI/UX Certificate Course (AUICC) Training program in the form of Morning, Evening and Weekend classes as per students time convenience at our institute in Hyderabad. The course module is structured by our highly experienced professionals by examining the requirements of the industry. Our Course module is designed in such a way that it is easily understood by all the students, professionals and entrepreneurs of any disciplines. We train the students based on their potentiality of understanding the subject. We just not only train them in the course but we prepare them ready for the interviews through our personal mentoring by teaching them interview tips and conducting Mock interviews.


Our training standards are based on a simple concept “Enjoy While You Learn.”  We give equal importance to theoretical and as well as practical training. Students will be participating in theoretical and practical sessions daily so that they will achieve a real-time practical experience on the subject. Post-training program the students will be offered an Internship program where they will be working on live projects to improve the better hands-on experience. The students will undergo global certifications during the internship. The students of Aesthetic Digital will be given 100% Placement Assistance headed by lifelong support to their careers. Schedule a Demo at your convenience to know more about the program.

UI Course Curriculum:

  • Technologies required for UI Development
  • Overview of UI Technologies
  • Editers & Browsers
  • HTML5 Introduction
  • How it works
  • HTML Basic Syntax
  • Structure of an HTML Document
  • HTML Text Formatting Tags
  • HTML Listing Tags
  • DIV tag, Span Tag
  • HTML Preformated & Horizontal Rule Tag
  • HTML Image Tag, Anchor Tag, Table Tag, Iframe Tag,
  • HTML Comments
  • Introduction, Form Elements
  • Input Types, Attributes
  • HTML Form Button & Fieldset Tag
  • HTML5 New Input Types
  • SVG Introduction
  • Include SVG in HTML CSS
  • audio, video, embed
  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Implementation
  • CSS Color & Background Color, Basic Selectors & Advanced Selectors
  • Borders, Outline, Margin, Padding,
  • CSS Height & Width, Min-height & Max-height, CSS Min-Width & Max-Width
  • CSS Box-Sizing, Overflow, Border-Radius, Box-Shadow
  • CSS Float, CSS Clear
  • Fonts,Text Formatting Properties, Text-Decoration, Word-Wrap & Word-Break
  • CSS Text-Shadow, White-Space, Text-Overflow, Writing-Mode
  • CSS Column-Count, CSS @font-face Rule, Google Fonts
  • CSS List-Style
  • CSS Background-Image, Background-Attachment, Background-Size, Background-Origin, Background-Clip
  • CSS Color Modes, Gradient Background, Opacity
  • CSS Background-Blend-Mode & Mix-Blend-Mode
  • CSS Display, Visibility
  • CSS HTML Basic Layout Design
  • CSS Position Tutorial (absolute, relative, fixed, sticky)
  • CSS Z-index, CSS Resize, Cursor
  • CSS Variables - var()
  • CSS Animation, Animation-Fill-Mode
  • CSS @import Rule - Import StyleSheet
  • Introduction
  • translate(), rotate(), scale()
  • skew(), matrix()
  • Introduction
  • RotateX, RotateY, RotateZ
  • Introduction
  • Transition & Transformation
  • Speed Curve, Delay Transition
  • Introduction
  • CSS Media Queries – Examples
  • Introduction
  • What is Bootstrap?
  • History of Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Overview and Installation
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Bootstrap Colors
  • Bootstrap Alerts
  • Buttons in Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Carousel
UI/UX Training
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • JavaScript Implementation
  • JavaScript- Variables
  • JavaScript-DataTypes and Operators
  • If, If Else, If Else If Statement & Logical Operators
  • Switch Case
  • Alert Box, Confirm Box, Prompt Box
  • - Functions
  • Events
  • While Loop, Do While Loop, For Loop, For Each & For/in Loop
  • Arrays, Arrays Methods & Multidimensional Arrays
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript DOM Introduction
  • DOM Targeting Methods, Get & Set Value and querySelector & querySelectorAll
  • DOM CSS Styling Methods, AddEventListener Method, ClassList Methods
  • JavaScript Form Events
  • setInterval & clearInterval and setTimeout & clearTimeout
  • Window Height & Width Methods
  • Introduction to JQuery
  • JQuery Implementation
  • jQuery Basic Syntax
  • jQuery Implementation with CDN
  • jQuery Selectors
  • Introduction to JQuery
  • jQuery Mouse Events
  • jQuery Keyboard Events
  • jQuery Form Events
  • jQuery Window Events
  • jQuery Get Methods
  • jQuery Set Methods
  • jQuery Add/Remove Class
  • jQuery CSS Method
  • jQuery On & Off Method
  • jQuery Append & Prepend
  • jQuery After & Before
  • jQuery scroll Method
  • jQuery hasClass Method
  • jQuery Hide Show & Toggle
  • jQuery fade Methods
  • jQuery slide Methods
  • jQuery Animate Method
  • jQuery Stop Method
  • Basic Tools
  • Layer, Groups and Guides
  • Filters and Image Adjustments
  • Website Mockups
  • PSD to HTML Conversion
  • Angular Introduction
  • Folder structure and booting system
  • Components
  • Data Binding
  • Directives
  • Services
  • Dependency Injection
  • Pipes
  • Forms
  • Routing
  • Modules

Why Choose Aesthetic Digital ?

100% Placement Assurance
With Life Long Career Support

Highly Skillfull Trainers

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Internship On Live Projects

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UI Course Training Program - Schedule

Duration Of Course 2 Months Training on UI + 1 Month of Internship on Live Projects
Training Methods Classroom / Online Training
Timings Monday to Friday (10:00 AM to 1:00 PM)
Next Batch start date 26 May 2020 (Tuesday) - Only 4 Seats Left - Register Now
For more information Call or send a WhatsApp message to 9032946662
Duration Of Course 2 Months Training on UI + 1 Month of Internship on Live Projects
Training Methods Classroom / Online Training
Timings Monday to Friday (5:00 PM to 7:00 PM)
For more information Call or send a WhatsApp message to 9032946662.